Ecosystem Services

Services of all kind represent a large opportunity for creating diverse economic activities in rural areas. Leisure activities, provision of goods such as food, water and bioenergy, but also maintenance services for conservation of the environment, wildlife and biodiversity are all examples of activities that could create sustainable growth in rural areas, while benefitting the environment and society.

There is an increasing demand for nature-based leisure and education activities as an antidote to urban pollution, noise and stress, as well as the pressing need for mitigating climate changes and protecting natural resources. Innovative business ideas and services will give a new dynamic to rural areas, making them more attractive to urban populations, and leading the way to new investments in rural infrastructures. Improving communications and connections between rural and urban areas will foster a balanced territorial development and facilitate the development and return of small businesses as well as health and education services in remote locations. The variety of service businesses that could be instigated in rural areas is very wide, and opportunities are growing and diversifying in this sector. Examples of such business ideas will be provided in the RUBIZMO Virtual Library in 2019.