Test our Virtual Library of business cases!

The test version of the RUBIZMO Virtual library is now available online. This first business tool developed by RUBIZMO partners will provide inspiring examples of rural business success across Europe, to help rural entrepreneurs finding new ideas to create or develop their own company. The tool is also expected to help decision makers, rural advisors and rural development agencies identifying interesting business ideas that could be replicated in their region in order to implement adequate measures to support the development of entrepreneurship and new business models in rural areas. 

For the moment, eight business cases have been uploaded on the virtual library for end-users to test the tool during a limited period. The feedback collected throughout this consultation process will be used by RUBIZMO partners to better adapt the virtual library to the needs of its final users. Once this final version will be developed, the virtual library will be extended to host over 50 innovative business ideas. The results of the analysis carried out by RUBIZMO partner will also be used in the coming months to integrate 10 to 20 examples of business models, that can be used by entrepreneurs to start or develop their business.

If you would like to give your opinion on the virtual library, please fill in the following form by the 25th of January. We would very much like to hear your feedback to better adapt the tool in the future.