#3 Innovative Business Case: First Hand Milk (GR)

  • Collective of six dairy farms combining to add value and develop new markets
  • Has sustained jobs and added 5 more to market and distribute
  • Direct to consumer and high on sustainability 

This forward thinking and innovative set of nearby dairy farmers work together to provide their own dairy products and milk direct to consumers using a network of vending machines. Development, marketing and distribution is all taken care of by the cooperative, removing the need for intermediaries.   

Their approach has empowered the producers, who are determined to think creatively about getting their product to market and willing to evolve to incorporate yogurts, feta cheese, chocolate milks and other deserts. The new initiative has sustained jobs and added 5 more to market and distribution roles, despite local and national competition and supermarkets – focusing on a high-quality, fresh and local product.  

Customers can chose which packaging they want for their milk at the vending point – a reusable glass bottle, recyclable plastic or to bring their own. Back on the farm, in addition to a low-impact approach, the cooperative is also experimenting with reusing waste or unused milk and cheese production as pig feed.  

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