#16 Innovative Business Case: Panier Local (FR)

  • Unlocks and simplifies online commerce for local food producers
  • Shared development costs and peace of mind for nearly 3000 users
  • Extensive environmental, social & economic benefits generated by their clients

There is a growing demand for high quality, locally sourced food from consumers; but not every producer is able to create an online presence and commerce marketplace to take advantage of this opportunity. In this case, Panier Local is an affordable and proven solution to look at.

They provide a common web platform where producers can place their local food to sell. Today, nearly 3000 users across France and Belgium use their web tool and online shop services. Clients range from individual producers, to collectives and even regional groups, keen to bring their products to a new local market. It allows them to save time and focus on a quality product while Panier Local gives them peace of mind thanks to continual improvements and shared development costs.

This online solution has helped to make numerous projects a reality, generating new activities, employment and sources of revenue. Not to mention the environmental and other benefits of eating and shopping locally.

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