Webinar: Practical examples of initiatives to build a sustainable future

What if the current crisis could be used as an opportunity to rethink our approach to rural development? This is the bet made by GreenFlex, a French consultancy dedicated to the development of sustainable businesses, who recently launched an ambitious programme to exchange ideas and solutions to improve the resilience of our rural regions in times of crisis. To kick-start this programme, two webinars will be organised (in French) during the month of May, linking the topic of rural resilience to the development of the bioeconomy across Europe, and a dedicated LinkedIn group should be launched during summer to share some interesting ideas and initiatives.

The first webinar, to be held on 14 May, from 17.30 to 18.45, will handle the topic of new business models and sustainable financing solutions for rural businesses, looking particularly towards the topics of bioeconomy, biomimicry and social enterprise. On 19 May the second webinar of this series will showcase practical examples of sustainable businesses, including the Alp’Grain project, featured on the RUBIZMO Virtual library.

To register to the webinars you can click on the following links:

14 May, 17.30-18.45 – New business and organisational models based on nature

19 May, - 17.30-18.45 – Practical examples of initiatives to build a sustainable future

Stay tuned to discover the outcomes of the discussion and join the RUBIZMO community to support the development of resilient rural business models across Europe!

Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash