Ruritage Project Event: Rural Tourism and Marketing

This first Rural Connections webinar aims to exchange knowledge and best practices between EU projects on Rural Tourism and Marketing.

This webinar series is a set of three webinars involving RURITAGE and a group of European rural projects. The main objective of this series is to exchange best practices between EU projects, with the view to support RURITAGE partners in the implementation of their rural regeneration action plans.

During the webinar, SmartCultour project will present the tools being used to identify needs and good practices around developing sustainable cultural tourism on the local level.

EUROPETOUR project will demonstrate the urgency for interdisciplinary cooperation and the importance of valorising the intellectual property rights.

The SPOT project will illustrate an ongoing collaboration with Regional DMO, local DMO and the local Tourist Observatory (LMR).

IMPACTOUR will demonstrate how cultural tourism is leading to sustainable economic and social development; present policies, governance and business models that are being used to promote cultural tourism as well as tools for cultural tourism impact assessment to foster and forecast the impact of tourism strategies.

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